Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh No! What Happened to Scooba?

On multiple occasions I have raved about the Boozie Burger from Boozies (a pub/grill next door to my studio).  That, along with their chicken quesadilla, form a respectable percentage of my 'dine-out' cuisine.

From time to time, Thomas (one of the cooks at Boozies) will decorate the lid of my to-go box with a cartoon of Scuba/Scooba Steve.  I save the lids on one of the walls in my studio.

Typically, they just celebrate the joys of that which is Scuba/Scooba Steve.

I mean, realistically, who wouldn't celebrate that?

Imagine the visage of Scuba/Scooba Steve guarding your delicious Boozie Burger.  I know I feel safer thinking about that.....

But one day, an ominous narrative began to appear.......

Holy smokes! That doesn't look good.

....nor does that!

....or that!

Could this be the end for Scuba/Scooba Steve?

It looks grim. But wait........

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