Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Honeycomb Goodness: Part III -The First Few Phases of Installation

It was a little warm and with thunderstorms on their way, a little bit humid, but the first three chambers of Allinittogether got installed anyway.

Terry Rathje applying a little bit of upwards pressure on a panel while Dean Kugler screws it into place.

The view peering out of 'The Queen's Chamber'.

Looking through Terry's 3 chambers.

Dean Kugler wistfully staring off into space as he realizes his last dry patch of shirt is now gone.......

A panorama view of the Queen's Chamber.......

.....and a peek at the storm clouds starting to roll in.

I returned to the sculpture after the first wave of thunderstorms had passed through to verify everything was still standing.......SUCCESS!!

The following day we installed Dean Kugler's three chambers.  In the background you can see part of the large head he constructed using spray foam.

The next few images show the difference made just by lighting.  Here is the giant face laying on its back on the Figge Plaza........

......and two images of that same head once it was installed and had a single light source from above.

Tear drop/Lagrima doorway from one chamber to another.

Terry and Dean's studio assistant, Sam, getting a giant bee into position.

Let's end this post with a panoramic image of the six-chamber beehive in the background and Dean and Terry putting away their equipment in the foreground.


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