Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Rejoining RE and DE

I have the base layer finished for both RE 10 and DE 12.

Before I start the next round of imagery, I need to haze out and subdue the base layer with a wash of thin white paint.

Here is a close up of the carved wood blocks which represent the conceptual heart of the piece.

After the white haze has dried, I start adding the line work for the next layer.

Check in and see how things are going.  Since I have decided to make these two panels go together (a diptych), I need to frequently look at them side-by-side to make sure they develop in some cohesive fashion.

A few detail shots....

Look at them together again after I have added some more imagery......

A few areas probably will get a little more line work/imagery, but I want to start filling in colors to see how much denser I need to make the image.

Mix together some colors for the next layer.  These won't be all of the colors I use, but they will be the majority of the colors for the second layer.

Time to start laying done some paint.

My trusty piece of cardboard.....

Getting closer....

Getting even closer.....

I need to let this dry for a few days before I dive back in and add a few more areas of activity.

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