Saturday, October 7, 2017

Mystic Guru Gets A Workin': Part II

Hopefully this 'last' little bit does the trick for Mystic Guru.

Here are two of the drawings I used to make this most recent layer of imagery.

Time to paint.

The addition of color helps bring the piece together.

The haze layer helps subdue earlier layers of imagery without totally obliterating them.

I'm hoping I'm nearly done working on the canvas.  I attached the carved frame that goes with this piece to make sure that the frame and the canvas visually interact well with each other.

After assessing what is going on with the canvas, and what is happening on the frame, I decide I need to take some of the colors I used on the canvas and bring them into the frame to help unify the piece.

Admittedly, it is only a slight color change, but it really helps to hold the piece together.

Boooom!!!  The partially repainted frame.

Now to get back to the canvas and finish with the line work/painting portion of the show.

Once this new line work dries, I will hit it with some color and reassess the image.  Also, even though the Mystic Guru will remain as part of the frame, the title Mystic Guru no longer works the way it once did.  It is time to be re-titled.  Next time I talk about this piece, it will be under its new title: "Spent Youth".

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