Monday, February 26, 2018

Completing RE and DE (Or At Least Turning Them Into A Vocabulary Exercise)

This may be the final post regarding RE 10/DE promises though.

Even though I had initially tried to consider making these two entirely separate pieces, it's now obvious they belong together.

I'm giving some thought to making a carved frame and even coming up with a third layer of imagery, but first, I want to finish this layer and see how all the elements interact with each other.

Time to address the circles.

Once the line work for the lettering is complete, It is time to add the colors.

The colors are done on the RE panel.

By the way, taken as a diptych, these two pieces are now titled "Vocabulary Exercise".

The diptych works pretty well right now.  A carved frame seems superfluous to what is going on.  I may or may not add just a little bit more to the painting, but I'm going to let it hang out for a few days before I make any decisions about its fate.

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