Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A Grab Bag of Progress: Part XII -Summing Up For Pop Culture Palimpsest

Now that Pop Culture Palimpsest has run its course, let's look back at some of the ideas/sketches/canvases that were abandoned somewhere along the way.  The first several never made it out of the sketchbook stage (at least so far they haven't made it out of the sketchbook stage...).

The fact that some of these never got started bums me out -especially this first one.  I was hoping to spend time working on bringing this piece to fruition.  Fortunately, the desire to work on it still burns (sometimes time quenches my burning enthusiasm for working on a project), so I think there is a good chance this piece will still get produced.

In fact, this last one was fabricated, attached to canvas (along with another 3-D doodle which was cut off from the canvas and used in a piece) and then set off to the side...

Some other random physical configurations of different compositional/idea layouts.  There wasn't a specific end goal in mind, just kind of giving different ideas a quick test run.

The face and the light bulb ultimately found their way onto the Statue of Liberty sculpture along with the traffic signal and the cosmonaut...

A few of the pieces/ideas I started to fabricate for Pop Culture Palimpsest that somewhere along the way were edited either because of space or time constraints.




Currently undesignated...

a blurry version of Kyklopes...

In addition to those pieces I have yet to finish, I also burned through 3 Dremel Tools and a small army of carving bits to make Pop Culture Palimpsest a reality.  Here is just a small sample of the carving bit casualties...

Another really, really, really excellent thing to come out of the show was spending a morning with Keith Nester (from Cast Of Thousands Photography) to document the show.  I can't even begin to describe how pleased/blown away I am with his work.  I'll close this post with a handful of examples of how good he made the show (and me) look.  Let's start with images of the installation:

Then some individual pieces...

Bro Kin.

Some Are Not Spangled.

Mystaphorical Parfait.

Skinner Box II: Lessons Unlearned.


Processionalization: Power Lunch With The Tasaday.

Keith is an absolute miracle worker.

These last three pieces are going to make an appearance really soon for another post...and an announcement!


Collectors' Issue.

Naughty (currently awaiting its frame...).

Remember kids, that is Keith Nester, Cast of Thousands Photography!

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