Saturday, August 17, 2019

A (More Complete) Tale of Three Carvings.

Recently, I showed the beginnings of three carved panels I have been working on in the studio.  Time to dive more in-depth with their color/paint.

None of the three have official titles thus far (since they are intended to be polyptych panels).

Adding some green and orange to the mix.

Still waiting for a couple more colors.

Here it is paired with an early version of its canvas partner.  Ultimately, I may pull a few colors from one panel to help (partially) unify them with each other.

Finally I add the bright yellow and red.

The color palette for my next panel.

It's hard to say "no" to a bright green.

It's also kind of difficult to say 'no' to a pale pink.

It is mostly painted, I just need to add a couple accent colors.

Just like that, it's (mostly) complete!

My last panel is getting started with a sweet blue.  I apply the blue first and then make the rest of my color decisions based off of the it.

Whoooa!  Action shot!

In response to the blue, the second and third colors are lighter (and warmer!)

They are fairly similar colors, but if you look at the painting palette below, I started with the orange color in the bottom left.  After that color dried, I realized it was too orange for what I wanted, so I mixed a slightly new color and then painted over it with the color from the top right of the palette.  I only added a bit of yellow ochre, titanium white, and burnt umber to shift the orange to something more pleasing.

Enough technical talk, back to the painting.

Ready to be paired with another panel or two...

Next time we might take a look at some sculptural ideas I have been working on.

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