Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A Grab Bag of Progress: Vol. XVI

A sneak peek at some of the projects/test compositions (in various stages of completion) going on my studio as of late.  As per usual with my 'Grab Bag of Progress' posts, mostly pictures, minimal words.

The following several images are just playing around with composition ideas on canvases before I make any lasting decisions.

Kinda partial to this configuration.

I added some canvas seams to the far right to add a little more density to that side of the composition.

Now to test signs silhouettes with an old stitched 'wound' I salvaged from another decommissioned composition.


I think this configuration might be the winner.  Even as a 'winner', I would not be surprised if I ultimately attached this to a larger canvas/composition.

Back to trying out some elements on my larger blank canvas.

After all of those different trials, I think this is the one I'm going to proceed with.

Gotta do a 'tummy tuck' on the canvas...

Next time we'll take a look at Sails.

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