Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Signs of Merican-Tastic! II: The Son of Tastic!

The 'installation' part of Merican-Tastic! II is going to require 25-30 (or more) signs to be built into the structure/installation.  Here is a sneak peek of a few as they take shape.

Inspired by many of the cool old diner/motel/road signs seen on my road trip this past Fall (Link to a previous post), this 'hotel' sign took roughly two days to construct.

The texture/lettering are created using Spackle.  I apply several coats of paint to form a harder shell over the Spackle (and to unify the surfaces between Spackle and fabric).

After two layers of 'priming paint' a layer of black and then a lightly applied dusting of a light gray color (or grey colour for those diehard readers in the UK), this is close to what the surface of the finished piece will look like.

A close up detail shot.


'One Way' at the Spackle stage.

Closer to done.

You get the idea. Spackle. Paint. Paint. Paint. Haze-coat. Repeat.

As the black coat is being applied over the two base coats (their color does not matter to the final piece).

I spread out a thin layer of Spackle and immediately afterward come back through with a nail and incise the lettering for each sign.  A couple hours later, the Spackle is hard and ready to be painted.

The start of another one....

Truth be told, it takes way longer to shape/fabricate the cardboard bases for the signs than it does to create the surface texture, lettering, and paint.

These are a few more at the early construction stage.

I will definitely need more traffic signs for the final installation.

Five down, and only 20-25 more to go.  Basically, if I can create a new sign per week between now and when the show opens, I will be close to having a critical mass.

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