Sunday, March 24, 2013

This Studio Break Is Brought To You By Sky Bar

Ahhh, the noble, and hard to find, SKY BAR -four chambers of goodness surrounded by chocolate.  Since one of the inspirations/ingredients for my work is Pop culture, why not embrace this classic candy bar from NECCO?  (Check out the company website HERE!)

Check this bad boy out. Caramel. Vanilla. Peanut. Fudge.  For some light bedtime reading on the SKY BAR, here is a LINK to the Wikipedia blurb on this culinary delight.

First things first, let's start with the caramel.....

Here is one of several sketches that references some aspect of the SKY BAR.

For the second course, we move on to vanilla.

Another sketch book doodle.

Third base, peanut!

One of my earliest sketches to celebrate the SKY BAR.

In addition to being one of the first SKY BAR sketches that I made, it was also one of the first sketches I did for a piece called Nursery Rhyme.  Other than using the carved block letters, the sketch and the finished piece have very little in common.

Then we finish things up with the fudge section.

Throw in a little carnival shooting gallery theme for good measure....

The end result is a piece called Critical Mass: Sans Polar Nuclei.

A few detail shots to show the different layers of imagery used to comprise Critical Mass: Sans Polar Nuclei.

And POW! -just like that, Critical Mass: Sans Polar Nuclei went from being a 'finished piece' (one that I had exhibited in a show with Terry Rathje entitled 'Things Of Which Our Mothers Would Not Approve' back in 2010), to a hazed-over work in-progress.  Don't worry, the process of going from a 'finished piece' back into the mix happens on a semi-regular basis, just ask Metropolis (a link to an older post called The Sacrifice which details the initial stages of transformation of Metropolis into Merican-Tastic!)

A few details shots of the now untitled piece.

...and we finish where we began, with the SKY BAR!

Please note that since I have a commitment to doing my own stunts, an entire Sky Bar was consumed to bring you the images in this post.

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