Monday, May 5, 2014

Text Is A Four-Letter Word

Phhewwww!  It's been quite a week getting Text Is A Four-Letter Word up and running in time for Gallery Hop!

I had started several pieces for the show.  Four of them were not brought to a satisfactory level of completion in time for the show, so edited them out.  In the long run, that's no big deal.  I will finish them at my own pace and let them build to a conclusion naturally (or as natural as anything is in my studio).  In context of trying to manage a limited amount of studio time before a show, spending numerous hours on pieces that aren't even in the show can be quite frustrating.

But that happens to all of us.  Terry, Heidi and I all had pieces that didn't make the final cut.  That surplus of artwork helps to make a better show.  Even if a piece is really good, if it doesn't contribute to the overall cohesion of the show, it has to be excluded.

In fact, here is a detail shot from Stuntman, which is a piece I brought to the gallery, but removed for reasons of cohesion and space.

Heidi and I delivered our work on Sunday. Here is part of the goldmine Heidi provided for the show.

Woody Guthrie and friends.  Heidi's work frequently has roots in popular American culture (and counter-culture).  I am always amazed at the level of research she conducts before and during creating her paintings.

Don't believe me?  Here is a link to Heidi Hernandez's website: (You should click on it).




The image below is part of a triptych that Heidi had in Merican-Tastic II: The Son Of Tastic!.  We only had space for one of the three images in Text Is A Four-Letter Word.  It was still Rock N Roll, but also a shame that it couldn't be displayed as intended.  You can see the full image (triptych) if you click HERE.

Anytime I mention how badass Heidi Hernandez is, remember all of the stitching on the back of this piece.  She even changed color of thread to match the painting on the front side.  POW!

A few hours after Heidi and I delivered our work to Gallery West, I drove out to the Rathje Compound to see what kinds of mayhem he was planning on contributing to the show.  Bumping our agreed upon meeting time from 5pm until 6pm meant I got to drive in a deluge.  Good times....

Here are a few images from Terry's workatorium.  A link to Terry's personal website: (Click Here)

Anytime I mention how badass Terry Rathje is, look at the image below and remember that he cut that out by hand.

He also hand-scratched these letters......

....into this pipe.

This piece was slated to be in the exhibit, but was edited out during the installation process.

This one made the cut though.

....and now for some images from the show and opening reception.

The next two images are a split image of Terry Rathje and Kris Hernandez talking motorcycles, restoration, and secret stockpiles of vintage bikes.

One of several surprise treats for the evening was having Stuart Shepherd swing by to see the show.  I just met him earlier in the week on his visit to the area from New Zealand.  Here is a link to an earlier site that shows what Stuart's been working on ( and to his more recent endeavors on Facebook (Link to New Zealand Folk Art and Design).  Mega-Huge-Thanks to Stuart for checking out the show!

We close the art portion of the show with a detail shot of one of Terry's pieces.

....and the band jammed on into the night......

A BIG thanks to all who came out for Gallery Hop and our opening reception!

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