Sunday, August 24, 2014

Goodness At Water Street Studios

Coming up at the end of September I am part of a show called on-som'-bel at Water Street Studios in Batavia, Illinois.  (check out Water Street Studios HERE!).  Here are a few sneak peeks at some of the pieces I am considering bringing.

A few of my smaller wood panel carvings -Conquistador Nuevo and Fusitron.

...along with Bombard(A)ment.

One of my favorite pieces, -Carnival.

The two carved-frame pieces, Halcyon Days of Yore and High Noon On The Streets Of Reason.

and Stuntman.

I've also tweaked the frame for Delivery Especial (more on that later) and may bring that one as well.

I'll close with a couple images of two of the three pieces I am finishing/reworking for the show.  The first is Skylyne Dryve.

The second one is Hemisphere Jr.

Next time we'll get a progress report on the three finish/rework pieces.

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