Monday, September 1, 2014

A Grab Bag Of Progress Part III

Here are several pieces I am working on for on-som'-bel at Water Street Studios (check them out here:

I am trying to include a wide size and price range for the show.  That translates to a mixture of both large and small works on canvas and carvings.

Still working on title for this one.  The front-runners are: 'Sans' or 'The Persistence of Nougat'.

Ahhh, Hemisphere Jr.  The first layer of paint for this piece was laid down in 2007.  Unsure if it will be completed in time.  After 7 years, why rush it now?

After a couple of different greens are added, Hemisphere Jr. is ready to be hazed over.

Another piece that I am working on (reworking actually) is Skylyne Dryve.  Skylyne Dryve was in Merican-Tastic! II: The Son Of Tastic! back in 2013.  I felt the piece was not 'dense enough' for my liking and I have wanted to go back in and rework it for nearly a year now.

Here I've added the new relief elements to the surface of the canvas.

During the process of hazing out the underlayers and adding color to the new areas.

Sometimes I'll just mix the colors on the surface of the canvas as I am painting.

After laying down some color passages.

Once the underlayers of color are laid down, it's time to add the first half of the line work.

Here's the top layer of Skylyne Dryve before any color is added.

Let the color begin....

Now on to the dual-face figure.

Next time I'll have a more in-depth look at Skylyne Dryve and it's frame.

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