Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pushing Skylyne Dryve along

Gyyaaarrrrrr! Teaching Skylyne Dryve a lesson one color at a time.....

You can see the edge of my spiral notebook/sketchbook at the top of the image laying on top of the canvas.  I keep it handy as a periodic reference source while I am painting.

Here's the top layer of line work on Skylyne Dryve before any color is added.

Let the color begin....

A pink plastic cowboy.

A series of interlocking faces that still need to be painted in.  Right now I'm just laying down the base color and the outline.

You can see my trusty piece of cardboard over on the right.

Now on to the dual-face figure.

An oblique art history reference....

...and several more detail shots.

Bringing it all together.

There is still a small bit of line work to lay down, but basically the piece is complete.

Now on to repainting the frame....

I place the two sides of the frame in close proximity to the actual piece and stare at it for a while envisioning different color scheme possibilities.  I determined the first color I would add should be a light dull green (almost behaves like a yellow).  Then I mix up a pile of paint.

...and then I mix up a brownish-green/yellow ocher along with a separate pile of gray paint.

Somewhat 'before' and somewhat 'after'.

Periodically throughout the process I place the frames near the piece so I can double-check my color choices.  One time I painted the frame while the rest of the piece (the part on canvas) was in a totally different room and the discordant results were stunningly bad.

Skylyne Dryve is nearly ready for the show at Water Street Studios.

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