Sunday, November 2, 2014

Take Down At Water Street Studios

Mucho sadness.  On-som'-bel is over.  But it was a helluva show!  -and, I remembered to use my camera this time.

For those of you who are reading this post in order to postpone actually working while at work, enjoy reading Philip A. Hartigan's review of On-som'-bel at and (shameless plug alert!) read Jorie Senses's take on my work HERE.

In my previous post about On-som'-bel (you can read the original post by clicking HERE), I mentioned several artists, but didn't present any examples of their work.  Not this time.  Check out the completely cool mixed media paintings by Jen Evans.

Memba this?

.....the cool, three-person dress by Eli Borrowman?

Here it is with all three dresses 'stuck' back together.

Memba this?

.....the awesome cut-out dress entitled 'Shibuya Crossing' by Claudia Canon and Katherine Kratzer?

Still blows my mind.

Tourist 1, a very cool piece by Dawn Tutt.

During the runway portion of On-Som'-bel, there were a series of four glass busts created by Jenna Walsh and Victoria Belz, that were walked down the catwalk, but my slow camera speed only captured blurs.  Here they are in all of their glory.

Tourist 2 by Dawn Tutt.

Memba this? stuff from Patricia Davoust.

Some intriguing compositions from Lisa Limas.

At the opening reception, I didn't capture a single image of Kari Kraus' work -a big mistake on my part.  She had three walls in a separate room covered with her work.  One whole wall was this shape and shadow installation suspended on a whole row of strings.  A small fan in the corner provide a slight movement in the air which was translated into the piece as a gentle undulation of shadows.

On another wall, she had several hoops of stretched material, illustrating several scientific principles/equations.  Good thing I brought the Duggernaut with me so he could translate what I was seeing.

Memba this?

.....Danielle Dobies' wigs?

...and then some of my stuff to cleanse the palette before we slip into a Thunderdome reference.......

'Memba this?.......Tomorrow-morrow land!'

'Memba this?.........Sky Land!'

'Memba this?..........The River Of Lights!'

'Memba this?..........Captain Walker!'

'Memba this?............Mrs. Walker!'

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