Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Grab Bag Of Progress Part V

Time to check in on the progress of a few pieces.

Starting with the second layer for Within/Without.

Let there be color(s).

And a little more color....

Some dark brown and some flavor of an off-yellow/tan-ish color.  I will pretend for a moment I'm one of those select few people who get paid to imagine/fabricate/make up names for colors.  This off-yellow/tan-ish color shall forever more be known as 'Sun-Baked Crustified Bug Guts'.

The carved panels for Divided By are going to just receive a bright yellow....

.....and a red color.

Punchy before.

Punchy after getting a base of colors added.

Let us not forget Mr. Peanut.

And we close with a few progress shots of the distorted dollar bill sign.

Until next time, think warm thoughts.....

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