Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Big Swap

A while back I mentioned something about a cool collaboration with an artist named Jen Evans.  You can check out that previous post by clicking HERE.

Here are a few images of my 'starts' (for Jen to complete as she deems appropriate) in progress.

The last little bit I contribute to this one is some text/line work incised into the some thick paint.

So anyway, this past weekend finally saw the big swap of pieces.  For a narrow window of time, all four pieces were in the same room just hangin' out.  They won't be reunited until show time in August.

Jen was really intrigued by the interaction between the red band and the blue line work, so I through in a couple of images of that business.

The two pieces I started are on there way back to Jen's studio.  I am left to 'finish' these two pieces.....

So now what?

Let's enjoy a panoramic studio shot whilst contemplating how nice it will be to see the progress on an older piece Los Reyes in an upcoming post.

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