Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Testing The Wood Fired Kiln: Part II

After a 39-hour firing and a two day wait for everything to cool down, it was time to open the kiln.

Veronica Watkins obtained some pretty awesome results on her ware.

Bob Schultz finally got to fire some pieces he had created for the new kiln design three years ago when it was first constructed.  The 96-hour wait for the firing process was nothing compared to waiting three years!  I can't over emphasize how crucial Bob's knowledge and patience were in order for this firing to be a success.

One of Veronica's mugs in front of one of Bob's cups/bowls.

The rough surfaces of Tia Calkins' pieces were ideal for capturing the smoke and ash needed to achieve beautiful colors and textures.

I had an obnoxious amount of masks/faces/heads tucked into various nooks and crannies all over the kiln.  Some of these masks/faces will end up on my mixed media figure sculptures.  Some will end up being added to the ceramic debris fields I use in some of my installation work.

Like I said, an obnoxious amount of masks.......

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