Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Partial Eclipse

Eclipse has been kind of a fun piece to work on from the very beginning.  The balance between textured relief elements, obnoxious colors, and quirky imagery has held my interest.  Here is a shot when it just had the first layer of line work completed.

Followed by some colors...

...and a little more line work.

Visually it (the first layer) was doing what I needed it to do.

Unfortunately, it was just the first layer which made it not dense enough visually to earn a gold star seal of approval from me.  More needed to be done to haze it over and then jam a bunch more stuff on it.  When in doubt, add more ingredients.

Now it's all been hazed over and it's time to put on another layer of imagery.

After the line work dries, I start to add some color.

There is still some painting to be done on this, but the overwhelming majority is done.  However, it is that last little bit that can make a huge difference.

I basically just want to enhance the interaction between the warm tones of the yellow disk against the coolness of the blue band along the bottom.  My first step is to add a robusto blue to the bottom.  Booooom!

Then I mess around with the warm tones/yellows.

Paint a few relief elements so that they begin to interact more fully with everything else going on throughout the piece.  Before being painted, they were subdued, if not borderline wimpy.

Now I would say it is done.

Next time we'll check in with the Tasaday...

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