Monday, October 8, 2018

Naughty Time: Part III...With An Announcement To Boot

When we last left Naughty (a few months ago) the second layer of imagery was well on its way and even its carved frame had received some attention.  The piece served its time inside Pop Culture Palimpsest but did not get a chance to be united with its carved frame before the show closed.

So while Naughty was in the museum, I was working on completing its frame.

Now for the announcement part of this post.  Here is Naughty united with its frame at Gallery Victor Armendariz in Chicago.  I didn't have the opportunity to see how the frame and the canvas worked together prior to dropping off the piece, so I did have a little apprehension that they might clash.  I was pleased to see that they work together quite nicely.

So yeah, I am part of a group show there in October and I have signed on with Victor (quite excited about that!).  So, if you happen to be in Chicago, stop by 300 West Superior Street and check out Gallery Victor Armendariz (you'll be glad that you did).

I also dropped off Collectors' Issue...

...and Cowboy!

We'll close this post with a shot that Victor sent me of Naughty installed and ready for the show!


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