Friday, October 26, 2018

A Grab Bag Of Progress: Part XIII

A variety of activity.

A few hanging notes from my recent show installation gig at The Figge Art Museum.  Recently they had two pretty amazing shows on display.  Edouard Duval-Carrie, and Power and Piety.  These measurements/numbers/pictographs I used for hanging artwork will find their way into something.

A few months ago, I was cutting up a whole bunch of letters that I had carved with my trusty new Dremel Tool.  The letter blocks and physical orientations of the letters intrigued me enough, that I figured I should quickly sketch them so I might explore that idea some time in the future.  Without the sketch, it's highly unlikely that I would ever remember the original concept/spark.  Here are a few images of the text configurations.

I've also been working on some new 'starts' of pieces. at this point, I don't know what they will ultimately become, but I find them to be full of promise as to what they could become...

This is Arena.

A figure that might ultimately get a physical mask/face (versus a painted one).

I've also been messing around with shape configurations for elaborate scaffolding/sign silhouettes (you can read about the original idea for these 'sign elements' by checking out this earlier POST)

This one still needs the 'sign' part.

Ole Big Cheese Monkey Nuts.

This was originally seen/intended as a ruined Greek temple post and lintel motif.  However, I like the fact that it is also reminiscent of some of the masks from the Dogon culture

More shape configurations.

The first layer of this piece dates back to late 1999 or early 2000.  It has been reworked/re-engaged a few times since then.  The most recent efforts include ladders.

In addition to sign silhouettes, I've been groovin' on ladders lately as well.  Who knows why?  This fragment below looks to me like the visual equivalent of 'Once upon a time...'.

I'm about to start working on 'The Brain Jar of Dr. Pantalones'.  This head/text combo needs to be moved to a larger canvas and have a body added before I can really dig in.

One of my 3-D sketch/storage canvases.

This is also going to be a sign silhouette.

Destination currently unknown for these next two.

This one is going to be attached to a slightly large canvas and have more pipes/machinery added.  The canvas is already stretched even....

More to come.

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