Monday, February 18, 2019

Kosmonaut [sic] -The Beginning(s)

I've decided to build a cosmonaut (or at least the helmet/face of a cosmonaut).

I start forming the helmet by using some left over portions of another project.  In fact, these scraps came from one of the 'amphitheater sections' in Processionalization: Power Lunch With The Tasaday.  Once I find a way to fuse the two scraps together, I add a communicator box towards the bottom.

Now I need to start making the actual cosmonaut figure.  I start with a paper cutout since I'm going to be making the face from two pieces of wood (it won't just be a straight forward 'carve it and go' kind of endeavor -things have to fit with other things...).

The two sections on paper... wooden section (before carving/cutting)...

...and the two sections side-by-side.

Once everything has been carved, cut out, and adhered into place.

Now with a little bit of paint added to seal the carved wood.

Time to add some carved letters (and maybe some arrows as well).  I'm starting to see the possibility that this piece might join a larger piece.

Time to go bring that 'larger piece' on line...

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