Friday, April 5, 2019

Temple of Zeus

When I start a piece, I usually lay down some base colors and let my response to them be the starting point for how the piece evolves.  In the case of Temple of Zeus, I had such a non-reaction to the colors, my first response was to go back and paint a different set of colors for the base.

So this is what the 'manual recount' looks like.

As an added bonus, I have been starting to think of expanding my painted constructions horizontally with multiple panels.  These 'expansions' can be painted, sculptural, carving, collage, whatever.  I have had a small panel hanging around the studio for years that was glittered by the 4-foot assassin back in the day.

I got the cool star-shaped glitter while being the juror for a show at Western Illinois University (Exploring Media -Glitter).  The show was the culmination of this really cool class taught by the unassailably cool Mr. Tim Waldrop (you can and should check out his artwork by clicking on this link:  Every semester he offers Exploring Media, he springs a new medium on his students and they have to adapt to the challenges of the medium and make some kind of artwork with it.  Examples of media for past classes include: glitter; spray foam; and duct tape -just to name a few.

Time to add a small bust and a dialog bubble to the star-glitter canvas.

Paired with the larger canvas.

I still want to add at least one more panel on the right.  Possibly a carving?  But first, I need to deal with the central canvas.

Next time we check in with Temple of Zeus, we'll take a look at the first layer of color and perhaps even have another panel (or two?) to consider for the entire composition.

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