Sunday, November 29, 2020

Acrobat -A New Beginning

A few months ago, I started 3 smaller pieces all on the same day.  Their respective working titles are Acrobat, Thoroughfare, and Fishy.

Let's start by taking a look at Acrobat.  Like I do with most of my pieces, I jump-started my image-making process by just laying down some shapes and colors.  I'll build up from there.

After that first coat of color(s) had dried, I added a second one in order to punch-up the contrast within the piece.  I'm not married to any of these marks yet, so they can be easily painted over and not missed.

Time to go in with some lines.  The lines really help to provide definition between shapes and color masses.

Speaking of color, how about I add some to the sign?

This first layer is starting to come together.  However, I think I need to add some more line work before I can consider this layer complete.  Next time we check in with Acrobat we'll take a look at those additions.

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