Friday, November 27, 2020

Sloganize: Vol. I: The Only Volume You'll Ever Need...

Sloganize.  How did we get to here?...

...from here?

Like several of my pieces, Sloganize started by laying down some shapes (fabric-wrapped cardboard to be precise) on canvas and riffing off of what was there.  The original shape had both the negative shapes of a thought cloud bubble, and the head silhouette of Frankenberry.  Since I had the head shape, shortly after I added the negative shape of the body to help strengthen the idea of a figure.

Sloganize is a word I bat around from time to time, and it seemed appropriate given the source inspiration material for the head.

With the base colors in place, I added some more color complexity.

Dried and ready for some line work.

Normally here is when I would show several images of just the line work. However, it's highly possible that I was so excited to add colors to the first layer of line work, that I forgot to document just the line work.  I apologize for this slight breech of etiquette...

A few more colors to finish of this first layer.

Sloganzie is gonna sit around for a few days (weeks?) so I can live with it and see what it might need (visually) to go further.  That being said, this is one of the rare instances in which I am quite satisfied with how the piece has turned out, so there is a good chance that this might be its final iteration.

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