Sunday, September 6, 2020

_________ Scape Vista: Cairn #3 -The Beginning Stages

The beginnings of  blank Scape Vista.  I think the title blank Scape Vista might actually encompass several pieces in this series, so I will need a more specific title for just this piece.  But for the first time in a while, I have a (working) title at the front half of the project versus towards the end.  Makes life simpler.

And now with some stitching...

Now that everything is in place and I have covered/primed it with several coats of paint, I can add my first layer of color (wash).

These colors are there just to provide a departure point for me to dive into the painting.  After I let this dry for a week, I decided I wanted to modify the base colors.

Now for a second wash of color.

I think I will call this piece Cairn #3 (actually blank Scape Vista: Cairn #3...

I think Cairn #3 is ready for the next step(s).  I just have to let it dry for a week or two before I dig in.

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