Wednesday, July 18, 2012

48 hours until Merican-Tastic!

Guhhh.  Merican-Tastic! opens in about 50 hours and here is where I am with Mr. Peanut.  He is a foam, driftwood, plywood, and chicken wire construction just like Twinkie the Kid.  The spray foam doesn't stick to the sheet of plastic (one of the few things it doesn't stick to) very well, so I use it to give shape to the body

A few shots of the foam after I remove the plastic sheet.

Actually, a quite beautiful texture which I plan to explore in future pieces!

He also has Styrofoam ribs.

Laminating thin strips of plywood and duct taping 'the bend' in the pieces allows my to for the strips around Mr. Peanut's body.  After forming the ribs to their proper factory specified peanut configuration, I put on the first layer of fabric.

A long ways to go before Friday!  Here are a few shots of the carved frame for Halcyon Days of Yore

Coming soon, sneak peek images from the show installation!  I leave you with a glimpse of a piece from Merican-Tastic!

This show is gonna have something for everyone!

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