Friday, July 13, 2012

Merican-Tastic! The Teaser Show

Merican-Tastic! lands in two stages.  The first is the 'teaser show' which is in the 2nd floor display cases in Bucktown (a link to Bucktown's Facebook page:  Here are a few shots of the set-up.  Heidi and I spent as much time discussing piece placement and rearranging (and rearranging.....) pieces to come up with the final show.  Alot of artist overlook the importance of developing 'the composition' of a show.  The interaction between the pieces is just as important as the interactions within a piece.

A good stress-reliever after a bizarre install.

The opening date of our show hot bumped up by two weeks, so instead of kicking back and enjoying how the show looked, we both went back to our studios.  I snagged a couple quick images of what Heidi is developing for the main show. 

Please hold your applause until the end.....

You may now commence clapping!

Merican-Tastic! opens in one week!!!

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