Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Up and Running!

It took a wee bit of effort to pull it off, but Merican-Tastic! is up and running.  We've had abnormally hot temperatures around here for the past three weeks which only hindered the whole process.  There were a few casualties along the way.  In less than 24 hours, I burned through not one, but two Dremel tools while carving my frames.  As a result of that, three of my frames were not complete in time for the opening reception.  But as my mother used to say, 'Life is tough, wear a cup!'

Here are a few shots taken during set-up while Heidi Hernandez and I arranged and rearranged the show until we got the flow we were looking for.  We had yet to adjust the lighting in these initial shots.

Here are a few shots from the opening reception at MidCoast Fine Arts' very own Bucktown Gallery.

We wrapped up the evening at Antonella's! I am demonstrating to the table that if I hold one hand slightly higher than the other, it looks like I am making a serious point about something.  Please also note that only one person is even pretending to pay attention... (photo credit Lisa Mahar)

For those of you who insist on doing your own stunts, may I present unto you, the culinary Ambrosia your stomach has waited for for years.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Giovani's Creamy Garlic Pan Pizza with a ladle of red sauce on top. POW!  You may now rightfully despise all lesser pizzas.....

Look for shots of the completed show in a future post.

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