Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gee Mister, You Sure Got A Major Pile of Wood There.

How did we get here?

This small undertaking of ours....

Coming up at the end of May is Questionable Architecture at The Figge Art Museum.  It is a show of Terry Rathje's architectural spaces with new collaborative pieces between Terry and Monica Correia, and Terry and I.  The piece that Terry and I are building is going to require about 400 'sticks' (maybe more?).

So, it all started on the banks of 'The Big Muddy'.....

After selecting pieces based on shape, strength, and length, we loaded them up and drove off to 'the warehouse'.  The image below is a composite of multiple images of the warehouse (Photoshopped by Mr. Terry Rathje -himself).  A HUGE (and continuous) 'thanks' goes out to The Saller-man!

Some of the 'sticks' are more like small trees.  Go Truck-A-Saurus!

Here's a sneak peek at the stash so far....

The piece will be a reaction to the Museum space and the other pieces in it.  Since the materials we are using are irregular natural pieces of wood, there is no way to plan in advance what we will make.  So between now and May 31st, we have to load up 400 pieces of wood, transport them, unload them, and then construct a blueprint-less structure.  Sounds like fun!

Questionable Architecture opens May 31st at The Figge Museum.

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