Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Grab Bag of Progress: Part XI

A quick look at various things going on in the studio.

Some more sketches.....

Part of this drawing was used for the second layer in Bro Kin.

Portions of these next two sketches were used in the second layer of How To Be A Gentleman Of Leisure.

The finished piece.

I was tidying up my apartment recently and came across a tax refund check that I had somehow forgotten to cash.  I don't know how.  I don't know why.  It was well after its one-year 'good until date', so it had expired.  Guess the best I can do now is to draw it and then incorporate it into a painted construction.

This next drawing found its way into Spent Youth (Also a piece from In/ConFLUENCE).

As seen here hidden behind the 3,1,2.....

From there, I reused a small portion of that drawing in another idea.

Other drawings waiting to find their way into some future project.

These two sketches are actually early attempts at trying to visualize the ziggurat that I built for Jefferson Pinder -Ghost Light (check out a description of the show here) at the Figge Art Museum back in 2017.

Those drawings lead to this structure.

The show and the structure were far more impactful than the drawings.

This drawing is being considered for use as the top (new) layer for the diptych, Vocabulary Exercise.

The safety instructions from a Hot Pocket.  It's like supper, but different.....

Test driving an idea.....

I'm saving this drawing for just the right occasion.

Remember all of those matchbooks I snagged awhile back? Perhaps this will refresh your memory?

Here are two more drawings from those.

A test configuration for a figure/character I might use in an upcoming piece.

These next few images come from a piece that may almost be completed, but since it still doesn't have a title (or even a working title), I haven't given it its very own post.

The sketch that I used for the base layer.

One way or another, most of all of this stuff will end up in Socrates, Soup Cans, and The Cola Wars Pop Culture Palimpsest.

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