Sunday, January 14, 2018

A New Wave For Voyage of Discovery: Part II

Sometimes an 'ingredient' I need to push forward on the project I am currently working on happens to be tied up in an earlier piece.  Sometimes a single piece is like a piñata of 'ingredients'.  Tree (of Life) is one such piñata.

Tree (of Life) has sat around my studio for years taking up space, and without paying rent.  Time to pay the piper.  Actually, I need the dude rowing the boat and the treasure chest from Tree (of Life) to add to Voyage of Discovery.  I have circled them in white.

While I was sawing away on the canvas, I also cut out a couple areas of texture.  On a side note, the color change of the piece (from above to below) is due almost entirely to shooting the picture under differently color balanced light bulbs.  The image on the top is radically closer to how the piece appears in person (at least color-wise, technically it now has several holes in it).

Time to 'trim' the boat to serve my purposes.

Like this....

I will create my own rowing figure to be in the boat.

Now let's shift gears from the piece to the frame.

Some of the early sketches for the frame along with a few notations for the piece itself.

Once I have the basic idea for the frame worked out, I draw it in pencil first and then come back in with a black Sharpie marker so I can clearly see the lines while I am carving the frame.

Many great minds throughout recorded history have explored the 'River or Bacon' conundrum.

No time like the present to crack out my trusty new Dremel Tool and start the long process of carving.

Voyage of Discovery is one of the larger pieces to be included in Socrates, Soup Cans, and The Cola Wars Pop Culture Palimpsest this coming summer.  As the this project takes shape, a more appropriate title is coming to mind......

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