Friday, March 9, 2018

Naughty: The Misadventures Of Lord Fenton Percival Philpotts Pennymoore and Co. Part I.

Another piece I am working on for Pop Culture Palimpsest is Naughty. Here are some glimpses at the early stages of bringing this piece together.

I start with some saved 'bits' (components from earlier pieces and a few things I fabricated for some unknown-at-the-time-future-project.  The future is now!)  The crusty cut stitch long bit is from a discarded canvas from 13 years ago, the white circles are something I fabricated this past summer just in case I needed them for some sumthin' sumthin'.  Once I determine that I want to use them, it is time to start playing around with the composition.  How am I going to make these things work together?  It's the unknown, and it's the part of art-making I really enjoy.

Even something as straight forward as adding the word 'cameo' out of carved blocks requires some playtime.  I boiled it down to 4 potential font combinations and tested out how they looked in relation to everything else that was going on.

I really liked this combination of letters, but when viewed as part of the whole composition they did not work as well as I had hoped.  Frequently, the quirkier something is, the less it works with surrounding elements in the composition.

The cameo needs to be filled with a character.  Perhaps Lord Fenton Percival Philpotts Pennymoore himself?  Perhaps.

Cut to fit.

Primed black and ready to be painted.

Ahhhhhh. Naughty.  You may remember a quick blurb about Naughty in a previous post from last Spring?  You can revisit that post by clicking HERE, and an even older post HERE!

The ingredients are starting to come together.

Stately Pennymoore Manor.

After an initial color wash it is now ready for some line work.

........and PRESTO!  Some line work!

More to come.

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