Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Skinner Box II Gets Some Color...and a Frame!

*Note: I started writing the first half of this blog post in mid-May.

Skinner Box II: Lessons Unlearned is progressing.  I've given it a couple of coats of paint/color washes in order to build a base layer of color for the piece.  Once the color was dried and I started to take a serious look at the piece, I began to question whether or not it was going to benefit from any of my usual line work shenanigans, or if there was already enough activity to be a satisfying image.  I'm leaning towards mostly done with the exception of maybe painting the relief areas an off-white color(s).  Gotta spend some time staring at it and contemplating what needs to happen next.

Not wishing to be at a creative standstill, I'll put my efforts towards finishing the carving for the frame.  Dremel Tool on standby....

At this point, I have just a few hours of carving left to complete the frame (or at least the carving portion of the show).  Hopefully my Dremel Tool hangs in there for the abuse use (I've been having some issues in the past few weeks...).

Time for some color.  I think the frame needs a limited/subdued color palette so it does not compete with the main canvas.

The remainder of the post just happened in the past few days after I painted and installed the frame.

Skinner Box II: Lessons Unlearned is one of 14 painted constructions in Pop Culture Palimpsest this summer at The Figge Art Museum.

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