Tuesday, March 12, 2019


After several weeks of cutting out cardboard shapes and wrapping them with fabric, it feels good to go back to working with paint.

The beginnings of Elude

A remnant of one of my pieces from my show(s) in Suriname gets new life.  You can see the piece (along with its brethren) by clicking on this LINK to one of my previous posts about Terry Rathje's and my time at the Moengo Festival in Suriname back in 2015.

As is frequently the case, I get a word stuck inside my head and have to exorcise it by putting it into something I am working on.  Even though the word 'elude' was what was stuck in my head, I wanted to change it up in some fashion, so that's how I ended up with 'eeeeeee-loooood'.

Prime everything with a few coats of paint...

As a visual/conceptual/inspirational starting point, the white wasn't enough to go off of, so I added some color.  I may ultimately pull it back to the white, but I needed a little more to inspire/motivate/inform some kind of start.  The orange and purple/pink should work nicely.

After staring at the canvas of the course of few days to get a sense of the piece, it is time start adding some line work.

Just a few more touches.

I'll let this dry for a week or so and then start adding some color.

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