Saturday, April 19, 2014

Flowchart: Black and White (The First Phase)

For Flowchart: Black and White I needed to carve out a few letters with my trusty Dremel Tool.


Then adhere the letters to the canvas.

Mmmmmmm........Liquid Nails.

Then prime the whole mess.

Mmmmmmmm...........drippy application of oil paint.

About a week later, it was time to start adding the line work.

Mmmmmmmmm..................soul-crushing tedium of line work.

Partial repetition of some previously utilized motifs (namely the Bec de Corbin wielding knight and the 'fort' and circle motif).

It was kind of fun and rewarding to conduct the research needed to 'document' the design on top of an Oreo Double Stuf Cookie.  I do my own stunts.

Once the line work is dry, it's time to dive into some color -albeit muted colors.

As I begin to start painting the words 'close cover before striking', I look up at my 24-year old alarm clock.  Just out of curiosity, can I paint all of those letters in 30?

The answer: Nope.

Crushed by the reality of my slow painting skills, I press forward.

A few more detail shots.

Some partial product placement.....

Here is what it looks like after several hours/days of painting.

The first coat is down.  Once it dries, it will be time to haze.....


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