Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Reworking Love and Sex

One of the pieces I am reworking/finishing for Text Is A Four-Letter Word is Flowchart: Love and Sex.  Here are a couple of images of it at some earlier stages of development.

Back in 2010.

Sometime in 2011.

...and now in 2014, let the reworking begin......

I want to add a few more face/head/bust figures to the canvas along with some stars and another relief element.

The new additions are attached and ready to be primed with a couple of layers of paint.

Once everything is primed and dried, it is time to start adding the linework for the top layer of imagery.

Some of the new relief additions after their base coat of color.

These next three images show the transition for base color on the relief figure to adding another layer on top (primarily a reddish brown to a yellow by the third image).

A similar transformation with the 'dialog/talk bubble'.

Here is what everything looks like before I add color to my new linework.

Now it's time to start painting.

A short time later....

A little bit around the edges to crisp thing up a little bit....

....and final coats on a couple of the 'relief elements' so they play nicely with others.

We'll call that 'done' for 2014.  Who knows what 2015 will bring?

Next time Constellation will get a carved frame.

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