Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Roadside Attraction #14 Alternate Route Accommodations AND #180 Through Holbrook

 Two more ceramic constructions/towers in the Roadside Attraction series are: #14 Alternate Route Accommodations and #180 Through Holbrook.

Both pieces were inspired by road trips out west.

#14 Alternate Route Accommodations was from a journey I took back in 2016 (You can read about that trip by clicking this LINK to my earlier post).  Right before traveling through the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming, we had to stop for the night at a hotel that looked like it had been beaten like a piñata by a group of angry sluggerriffic kids at a sugar-fueled birthday party.

#180 Through Holbrook was from a trip way back in 2012 (you can read/see more about that trip by clicking on this LINK to my earlier post). 

Next time we'll take a look at #21 Roadside Motel.

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