Sunday, December 13, 2020

Roadside Attractions. #30: Oasis In The Barren AND #47: Refuge.

#30 Oasis In The Barren -immediately after I brought it home and just set out at the edge of an impromptu tabletop.  Illuminated with the available overhead light against a paint-splattered background.  Not the most optimal conditions to achieve maximum photogenic-ocity...(trust me, that's a real word...).

In its box with better lighting than just my overhead fluorescent light in my studio. 

A couple detail shots.

and #47 Refuge.

A nice series of runs and glaze stuck in the recesses of the texture.

Illuminated with a mix of daylight and studio light.

A couple shots of what I've decided to make be 'the back' -only because that crossbeam towards the bottom of the 'front' side gives a nice uplift to the piece.

Next time we'll take a look at the handful of pieces in the Roadside Attraction series that are either sculptures in-the-round (which will necessitate a different display approach), or I am still trying to figure out what their final destination will look like. 

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